Star Talk

Waiting on Mars

Pluto, Uranus, Jupiter and Mars are aligned in a incredibly agitated pattern — screaming for change — yet some things hold fast. Fact is, Mars (a planet we can count on for forward momentum) is moving backwards!

This phenomenon called “retrograde” can stall plans to birth new situations. Until May 20th, we’ll have to contend with this. Keep in mind that lots wants to happen, and it will. The pivot of Mars may be all that is needed. If we approach every planetary pattern with an eagerness to learn its lesson, recognize that indeed, this is a time for initiation. A time to develop courage and the determination to shape your own life.

Try this simple breath to help with the creative push. As you sit quietly with spine straight and chin tucked slightly, place both bare feet squarely on the floor and let your hands rest on your knees with palms facing up. Take a deep nourishing inhale. Imagine that this inhale stirs up the things that need to go and your strong, complete exhale carries them away. This simple imagery will help as you gather momentum in these new two weeks.