Despite my disposition towards ‘evidence based’ wellness approaches, Twink’s astrological guidance never ceases to provide me with fresh insights about how I can live better and see myself more accurately. She posses a keen and rare ability to access intangible and often deeply hidden realities within the people she works with. Despite her skill, it’s her compassion that shines through her work, as she orients all her guidance towards bettering your relationship with yourself and your life’s journey. Any question you have will be answered in a comprehensible way; Twink effortlessly translates the wisdom she gleans from astrology.
ā€” Nate S.

Twink is one of the most intuitive, centered and giving women I know. She is the consummate guide, never lecturing, but always sussing out the aspects in a chart that she then weaves into a gorgeous mosaic about her client’s life. She cares deeply about what she says and always uses the birth chart as a template for growth and potential. She generously allows her clients the room to integrate what she “sees” into their lives so they leave a reading feeling empowered and confident. To me, that is the highest level of spiritual confidence and what astrology is all about.
ā€” Mimi McL.

Just wanted to let you know that your reading is blowing my mind! My old boss reached out to me a couple of weeks ago to ask if I would be interested in consulting. I start tomorrow on a 6-month consulting contract. The fee I negotiated will greatly help as well as put me amongst lots of people in the industry. So, your chart reading was right on the money … never expected this gig … totally dropped out of the sky! Thanks very much for everything. You amaze me.
ā€” Nora M.