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Practical Magic

Practical Magic

Full Moon, Monday September 8th, 9:38 pm EDT

As we approach Monday’s full moon (9:38 pm EDT) remember that prana (life force) flows where attention goes. Under this Harvest moon your disciplined efforts (harness the Sun and Venus in Virgo) lead you onto a magical pathway (moon in dreamy Pisces sitting with Neptune) where your vision begins to take form.

Let yourself imagine “what could be” with just a tad more focus and a little more leg work. The minor planet Chiron is also part of this celestial picture. Chiron was a master teacher, mentor, astrologer and a gifted healer. If you are blessed with Chironic teachers at this time, offer gratitude. If you could use additional support in this area, ask for that too. Full moons are a time of clarity. A time to take action towards the things we want, and then in the days that follow — to let go. Allow the things you are inviting into your life to move toward you.

Support this creative visioning with two simple yoga poses. Draw in practical earth (Virgo) energy in crocodile pose. (Lie face down on the floor and stack one forearm on top of the other with hands resting on the elbows. Place your forehead down on the shelf created by your forearms and let your legs open wide with toes pointing out.) Begin to deepen your breath and imagine flooding the pelvic floor with prana on your inhale. On exhale, lightly draw the pelvic floor up – front, sides and back. Continue this simple breathwork as you bring energy and awareness to the area of the first chakra – the energetic center responsible for helping us develop stability, calmness and a sense of being supported. This is a start towards working with this complex energy center and will enhance focus and a sense of groundedness. Continue holding this posture and breathing deeply for a minute or two and then roll onto your back. Work next with the water element (Pisces) by drawing the knees into the chest and giving yourself a big hug. You will massage all of the fluid-filled organs in the belly and give them a gentle squeeze. Then, let your arms fall out to the side in a T-shape and allow the bent knees to come down to the right side. Once they arrive at the floor – turn your head in the direction of your left fingertips. Lift up the left shoulder up and move it out a bit as you relax your right shoulder. Imagine you are activating the flowing water element we associate with the pelvis. Repeat on the left side.

Complete the practice by resting on your back in shavasana pose for a few minutes. Return to your day grounded and steady as you flow gracefully toward “what could be.”

Astro Yoga Schedule

We are back in Newtown this week!

  • Monday evenings from 5:30 pm – 6:30 pm at the Edmond Town Hall, Lower Meeting Room.  A mixed level gentle flow. $10 drop in. Bring your mat and a friend!
  • Tuesdays at Kneading Hands in Southbury 5:30 pm – 6:30
  • Sundays morning at Kneading Hands in Southbury 9:00 am – 10:30 am

And … I am excited to share my new website with you! Please feel free to share it — would love your feedback.

Namaste. Twink