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Into the Mystic … Clearly A Sign

I love Van Morrison.

When I heard his iconic song playing in Glasgow’s airport I knew it was a sign. My decision to go to Scotland was based on a strong message I “heard” while walking a few months back. The unmistakable voice of Northern Ireland’s visionary songwriter/singer over the airport sound system early on the morning we arrived confirmed that I was, indeed, following a directive from the soul.

In the days that followed, I hiked, meditated and practiced yoga at sacred sites on the Kilmartin peninsula, the Isle of Mull and finally on Iona. And the “communications” continued with vivid dreams, signs from wildlife and the night sky, messages at stone circles, and the ease and grace with which the group I had joined interacted … this was no ordinary journey.

We followed in the footsteps of St. Columba (a missionary also born in the North of Ireland who was frequently aware of the accompaniment of angels and other high beings and who had the ability to view present and future simultaneously) and our trusted leader, Marilee, transported us to another dimension.

The Island of Iona is a rare upthrust of one of the oldest rock formations on earth and the energy frequencies on this tiny windswept island are said to produce altered states of consciousness and amplifiy psychic ability. All seven chakras are tuned and healed at points on Iona. Footsteps here activate spontaneous “memories” … and as Van Morrison suggests ….

We were born before the wind
Also younger than the sun
Ere the bonnie boat was won
As we sailed into the mystic …

With the moon in her waning phase this week … rest, contemplate and dream. We are between two potent eclipses (the first, a lunar eclipse, last week at the full moon; the second, a solar eclipse, on October 23rd at the new moon). Eclipses bring unexpected events with lunar eclipses being more internal and having to do with our thoughts and feelings and the solar linked to external events. In general, eclipses throw a spotlight onto our path illuminating an area depending upon where they land in your individual chart. They have a reputation for being “fated” and as Bernadette Brady says, “Give you an opportunity to see issues in your life which are holding you back, or hindering the fulfillment of your chosen destiny.”

Wide legged child’s pose is a perfect pose to work with this energy. Come onto all fours and walk your knees out a little wider than your hips (the edge of your yoga mat is a good way to measure).

As you sink your hips back toward your heels, stretch your arms way out ahead and come up onto your fingertips with the palms lifted off the floor. Lay your torso down between your thighs and sink down as deeply as you can – eventually letting your forehead and even your heart rest on the floor if that is accessible.

Breathe deeply into the back of your body and enjoy this calming pose — a pose that helps us to develop trust. And then … let your soul and spirit fly … into the mystic.

Namaste. Twink

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