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Equinox & New Moon … Exclamation Point in Libra!

A new cycle begins Monday night, September 22nd, with the Autumnal Equinox. Night and day are now equal in length giving us insight into strategies of the balanced, fair sign of Libra. Then, on Tuesday, a new moon in Libra punctuates this need for inner calmness. It won’t be easy.

After 5 months of backward movement, power hungry Pluto is changing direction and moving ahead. Rumblings beneath the surface (especially in relationships) will begin to make their way to into the open and it will be time to act. If there are circumstances that keep you stuck … unable to access the vast possibilities for your life … pay close attention. Pluto is a planet of extremes. This change in direction sends a message. If we trust the symbols and cooperate with these cycles, old, worn out aspects of ourselves will be brought up for releasing. This is your opportunity for real peace.

“Going between opposites” is a technique used in yoga and meditation to create a bridge between the body and the mind. You can try this during a short meditation. Sit in a chair in a comfortable position with your spine long and both feet on the floor, hands on your knees or resting in your lap. Close your eyes and breathe naturally.

Once you have settled in and begun to quiet your mind, sense where in the body you feel most relaxed. Then, after sitting with that for a minute or two, notice where in the body you feel the exact opposite. Where do you feel stressed? Go back and forth between the two places a few times and then see if you can feel relaxed — and stressed — at the same time! Feeling opposites at the same time is impossible for the mind to do and in this powerful practice the opposites neutralize each other.

Try this practice with other pairs of opposites. Adventurous and afraid. Invigorated and panicky. Confident and confused. Going back and forth like this helps us to learn about the opposite feeling rather than just sitting with the one we are experiencing at present. The opposite starts to “unstick” and free the other and eventually the real law of opposites begins to become apparent. We are neither. Like the Yin Yang symbol … the black eventually turns into white and white to black. This simple and powerful practice is a great way to learn about the Libran need to move away from extremes of any kind towards a place of balance.

I will be moving toward a place of balance by taking a long anticipated trip to Scotland! Have been working hard the last few years juggling yoga and astrology with my graphic design business. This journey includes yoga and meditation at sacred sites on the Isle of Mull and Iona off the coast of Scotland and I look forward to being nourished on many levels! My yoga classes are all covered and I hope you will join these wonderful teachers for practice while I am away. I will be available for astrology consultations the week of October 6th. Appointments can always be made online – even when I am gone!

Namaste. Twink

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