Star Talk

Do. Be.

Tap into the entire creative energy field this week by taking time to honor left and right, masculine and feminine, strategic and intuitive.

Sun and Mercury are in social Aquarius emphasizing left brain, masculine, air energy. These outward flowing energies of DOING involve thinking, talking and visible expression. They remind us of the importance of dispersing, transmitting and planning and are connected to the right side of the body. Mercury (the planet of the mind) is also retrograde (until February 12) and as a result, will spend almost two months in this inventive sign. Wildly innovative and progressive thinking is supported.

Venus, Mars and Neptune have moved into the watery, less linear sign of Pisces drawing our attention to the opposite side — the more feminine, right brain (left side of the body). Time spent nourishing creativity can put you in touch with the vision and potential that has its origins in the feminine realm. Spend an equal amount of time in a place of simply BEING.

If you are someone who has the DOING down pat and could use some practice BEING, Yoga Nidra is a potent tool. This ancient meditation technique is a powerful way to balance busy lives. Give yourself permission to rest, restore and tap into new sources by simply lying down and listening. Join me this Sunday evening, February 1st, in Southbury for a deeply healing Yoga Nidra session (see attached for details) or contact me for a personal Yoga Nidra based on your astrological chart.



Give yourself the gift of deep rest and healing … join us for Yoga Nidra — yoga without movement.
Sunday, February 1
5:00pm – 6:15pm

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