My astrology consultations are are built around an evolutionary model. I believe that we alone are responsible for our charts and the lessons they contain. They are a snapshot of our soul’s intention – mapped out by us before birth – with specific talents and gifts as well as areas where challenge and karma can be readily seen.

The chart contains an enormous amount of information in a highly synthesized format. A consultation will stir memories at a deep soul level and you will see that your current situation is part of a highly choreographed pattern designed to move you along an evolutionary path.

Every symbol, every pattern has a multitude of potential expressions. By exploring your chart and coming to it for guidance, you begin to have an understanding that there are a myriad of ways to express these patterns – some more satisfying than others.

This growing awareness supports us as we step with confidence onto the path of our dharma and take a conscious involvement in the unfolding of our lives.

Important details before scheduling your astrological reading
Your Exact Birth Time (from your birth certificate!)

In addition to the date and location, your exact birth time allows for a much more detailed and specific reading and we can explore areas of your life like work, relationship, finances, etc. For more information on obtaining your birth certificate go to Steven Forrest’s website where you will find state by state information on how to get a copy of your birth

How often should I schedule a reading?

That depends on you. If you are consciously working with your chart and want to understand yourself more deeply – you can schedule more often. Astrology is a language that some people really resonate with. If this is the case – you can schedule regular sessions and “check in” with the chart. Other people are satisfied with a yearly reading. Around the time of your birthday can be very helpful.

Before the reading

Spend some time thinking about areas of your life you would like some clarity about. Your specific questions are welcomed.  I will give you my best sense of what the symbols are saying in response to any question – but keep in mind – this is YOUR map, your chart and your life. While I can give you valuable insights based on your chart – the final responsibility is always yours.

Astrology Reading