To book a session:

  • Email Twink at to book a reading
  • Choose a payment option (payment must be received before your scheduled appointment). Use the Buy Now button to the right. If you prefer to pay by check, please email Twink for mailing address.
  • Email Twink your birth date, exact time (from birth certificate) and exact location (city, state, country).
  • Sessions are done over the phone. Please let her know if you would like a recording of your session.
  • If you have any questions, contact Twink by email at

Astrology Services

Initial Astrological Consultation

omYour session will begin with an overview of your birth chart – focusing on the important placements and themes from an evolutionary perspective. We will look backwards at key life periods to show you how the chart works like a clock. Then, we will look out ahead with the solid understanding that you are responsible for your chart’s unfolding. You can work to mold and shape the future with a clear understanding of your unique dharma. Please be sure you have accurate birth data for yourself and key individuals you are asking about (date and time [from the birth certificate please] as well as location).

Specific questions are welcomed. Areas might include soul purpose, relationships, career, health, finances, parenting, stress management, past lives, spirituality or intuitive development.  After an astrological and intuitive assessment of your chart and current cycles, we go deeper using a unique blend of healing processwork. This can be useful during your initial astrological session or for follow up sessions as we work together to bring about desired change and support your astrological unfolding. Twink is a certified hypnotist and a compassionate, intuitive guide.

Session length: One hour and 15 minutes
Cost: $130.00

Astrological Update

ephemrides-sqAs you become familiar with your chart, it is helpful to check in and review the key elements and explore ways in which you can continue to successfully navigate current planetary weather. Astrology is a language and the more you speak it – the more fluent you become. There is no end to the information that the chart can supply. Use it as a tool for your entire life!

Session length: One hour
Cost: $100.00

Single Question

design-sqUse this option for insights into a particular question. I will use your chart – the natal chart – plus current influences and tune in using my intuition to explore this one issue for you. The exchange will be by email and I will supply a concise, written summation of my findings. Contact me at with your question and use Paypal to purchase. 
Cost: $35.00

Astro Process Work

Continue the unfolding and healing begun in your astrological consultation with a unique blend of guided astro processwork based on psychosynthesis and hypnotherapy. This very accessible process helps you to shift old habit patterns and make positive choices.

Session Length: One hour
Cost: $100.

Personal Yoga Nidra Recording

shell-sqAfter a session, when you are closely aligned with your soul’s intentions, it can be very useful to use the ancient technique known as Yoga Nidra as a way to carefully plant the seeds (intentions) of those things you would like more of in your life. In this recorded session, which you can play on your phone or computer, you will be guided into a deeply relaxed state. There, Twink will help you to access your right brain and state your intentions. Continued use of the Yoga Nidra recording will help you to carry out these intentions spontaneously and effortlessly. Yoga Nidra has been shown to effectively reduce PTSD, depression, anxiety, chronic pain, insomnia and chemical dependency. It is a powerful tool to help you move forward in any area of your life. Allowing Twink to craft a Yoga Nidra session especially for you will further enhance your astrological session. This recording will arrive via HiTail and can be downloaded onto your computer or any other device for listening.

Session Length: Approx 35 minutes
Cost: $130.

Gift Certificates

A thoughtful and memorable gift!

  • Natal Astrological Session
  • Astrological Update
  • Personal Yoga Nidra Recording