Stepping on the Gas in a Dense Fog

We are a week into the Sun’s journey through Pisces – the last sign of the zodiac. Diffused, dreamy, unfocused Pisces. From the Pisces part of the sky we are offered the overview. This week it may feel chaotic as the Sun continues to travel close to foggy Neptune. Messages from the unconscious will be strong — in dreams, meditations, yoga nidra, time spent in nature or just free floating. As we build to next Thursday’s full moon continue to explore places of possibility. Mercury the messenger is picking up speed and half of the planets have moved into fire signs. There is an urgency. The illuminating qualities of this full moon will be very strong. Inspiration plentiful. You’ll know what to do. Resist the temptation to go it alone and surround yourself with souls who also have a productive vision for harnessing this sky full of fire.

Ground the energy of this fast moving time with a simple yoga pose — 5 Pointed Star. Stand tall and step your feet wide apart. Lengthen your spine by pointing your tailbone toward the earth and reaching the crown of your head up towards the sky. Lift your chin slightly. Arms stretch out wide at shoulder height (as if you were trying to reach the walls on either side of you). Palms face down. Take a deep breath in and imagine you are breathing in through the soles of your feet. As you exhale imagine you are exhaling through your palms. Repeat 2 more times and then reverse. Take a breath in through your palms and exhale through your feet. Repeat twice.

Finish by stepping feet together and standing with eyes closed in Mountain Pose for a breath or two. When you are ready, open your eyes and gaze out ahead with clarity and confidence.

Your yoga nidra practice will be especially powerful this week. Join me Sunday evening, March 1 at Kneading Hands in Southbury, CT for a special journey. Details attached.

Personal yoga nidra based on your astrological map available! See details online.

And, yoga starts back up in Newtown this Monday eve. Please spread the word!

Namaste. Twink

Give yourself the gift of deep rest and healing … join us for Yoga Nidra — yoga without movement.
Sunday, March 1
5:00pm – 6:15pm
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Do. Be.

L_R_Brain copy

Tap into the entire creative energy field this week by taking time to honor left and right, masculine and feminine, strategic and intuitive.

Sun and Mercury are in social Aquarius emphasizing left brain, masculine, air energy. These outward flowing energies of DOING involve thinking, talking and visible expression. They remind us of the importance of dispersing, transmitting and planning and are connected to the right side of the body. Mercury (the planet of the mind) is also retrograde (until February 12) and as a result, will spend almost two months in this inventive sign. Wildly innovative and progressive thinking is supported.

Venus, Mars and Neptune have moved into the watery, less linear sign of Pisces drawing our attention to the opposite side — the more feminine, right brain (left side of the body). Time spent nourishing creativity can put you in touch with the vision and potential that has its origins in the feminine realm. Spend an equal amount of time in a place of simply BEING.

If you are someone who has the DOING down pat and could use some practice BEING, Yoga Nidra is a potent tool. This ancient meditation technique is a powerful way to balance busy lives. Give yourself permission to rest, restore and tap into new sources by simply lying down and listening. Join me this Sunday evening, February 1st, in Southbury for a deeply healing Yoga Nidra session (see attached for details) or contact me for a personal Yoga Nidra based on your astrological chart.



Give yourself the gift of deep rest and healing … join us for Yoga Nidra — yoga without movement.
Sunday, February 1
5:00pm – 6:15pm
View the flyer for full information

The Stories We Tell Ourselves

This has been an intense fall! There has been a decided focus on the deep and the dark. While the Sun moved through the penetrating sign of Scorpio, the planet Saturn traveled through the final degrees of this sign (a 29-year cycle); Mercury stopped dead in its tracks to move into its retrograde phase in Scorpio AND we had an eclipse here. Take note of what you’ve uncovered.

Last weekend at the new moon — the Sun and Moon teamed up with Venus in the sign of the Archer. Mercury, the storyteller, is about to join them. This Sagittarian emphasis will help you ascribe meaning to what you’ve unearthed during these introspective fall days — in fact, throughout the entire transit of Saturn through Scorpio – a pattern which began in 2012.

Allow a story to emerge. And, as you gather with family and friends this weekend — share your story. Our stories help us make sense of our place in this life. With lots of compassion for yourself, notice where you go over the same ground again and again … stuck in tales that lack vitality or clarity. When you cling to a story, it is a challenge to introduce anything new. Saturn can help. In December, the taskmaster enters Sagittarius — where it will travel until 2017. We will have the opportunity to get really good at refining our personal narratives — our myths. It isn’t easy to change a personal story and we are programmed to pay more attention to the negative than to the positive … a brain function designed for survival. But, if you are stuck in a distorted or destructive drama, try adding in a new chapter where you clearly understand the meaning and purpose of your life. Use the current fire energy to enliven and lift your story. Imagine it as the tale folks recount at holidays … long after you are gone.

Hero Pose can help engage this expansive Sagittarius energy. Kneel on the floor with knees and feet touching, tops of your feet flat on the floor. Carefully sit back, lowering the hips so that they rest on the heels. This is a challenging pose for some – placing a rolled blanket behind your knees will help you ease into the pose. Settle in and let your quads lengthen and release. Your ankles will also relax and open. Lift the chest and create space through the solar plexus. As your heels press lightly into the buttocks, you stimulate digestion points (another reason to include it this weekend!). Gaze out ahead with confidence and repeat "Om Namah Shivaya" … a potent Sanskrit mantra that can be translated, "Greeting and Salutations to the One Whom I May Become."

As the holiday weekend winds down, please join me for a Yoga Nidra practice in Southbury on Sunday evening, November 30th. Yoga Nidra is a practice that is accessible to all! It is yoga without movement … all you do is lie down and listen.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Give yourself the gift of deep rest and healing … join us for Yoga Nidra — yoga without movement.
November 30th
5:00pm – 6:15pm
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Into the Mystic … Clearly A Sign

I love Van Morrison. When I heard his iconic song playing in Glasgow’s airport I knew it was a sign. My decision to go to Scotland was based on a strong message I “heard” while walking a few months back. The unmistakable voice of Northern Ireland’s visionary songwriter/singer over the airport sound system early on the morning we arrived confirmed that I was, indeed, following a directive from the soul. In the days that followed, I hiked, meditated and practiced yoga at sacred sites on the Kilmartin peninsula, the Isle of Mull and finally on Iona. And the “communications” continued with vivid dreams, signs from wildlife and the night sky, messages at stone circles, and the ease and grace with which the group I had joined interacted … this was no ordinary journey. We followed in the footsteps of St. Columba (a missionary also born in the North of Ireland who was frequently aware of the accompaniment of angels and other high beings and who had the ability to view present and future simultaneously) and our trusted leader, Marilee, transported us to another dimension. The Island of Iona is a rare upthrust of one of the oldest rock formations on earth and the energy frequencies on this tiny windswept island are said to produce altered states of consciousness and amplifiy psychic ability. All seven chakras are tuned and healed at points on Iona. Footsteps here activate spontaneous “memories” … and as Van Morrison suggests ….

We were born before the wind
Also younger than the sun
Ere the bonnie boat was won
As we sailed into the mystic …

With the moon in her waning phase this week … rest, contemplate and dream. We are between two potent eclipses (the first, a lunar eclipse, last week at the full moon; the second, a solar eclipse, on October 23rd at the new moon). Eclipses bring unexpected events with lunar eclipses being more internal and having to do with our thoughts and feelings and the solar linked to external events. In general, eclipses throw a spotlight onto our path illuminating an area depending upon where they land in your individual chart. They have a reputation for being “fated” and as Bernadette Brady says, “Give you an opportunity to see issues in your life which are holding you back, or hindering the fulfillment of your chosen destiny.”

Wide legged child’s pose is a perfect pose to work with this energy. Come onto all fours and walk your knees out a little wider than your hips (the edge of your yoga mat is a good way to measure). As you sink your hips back toward your heels, stretch your arms way out ahead and come up onto your fingertips with the palms lifted off the floor. Lay your torso down between your thighs and sink down as deeply as you can – eventually letting your forehead and even your heart rest on the floor if that is accessible. Breathe deeply into the back of your body and enjoy this calming pose — a pose that helps us to develop trust. And then … let your soul and spirit fly … into the mystic.

Namaste. Twink

Give yourself the gift of deep rest and healing … join us for Yoga Nidra — yoga without movement.
Sunday, October 19th
5:00pm – 6:15pm
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Equinox & New Moon … Exclamation Point in Libra!

A new cycle begins Monday night, September 22nd, with the Autumnal Equinox. Night and day are now equal in length giving us insight into strategies of the balanced, fair sign of Libra. Then, on Tuesday, a new moon in Libra punctuates this need for inner calmness. It won’t be easy. After 5 months of backward movement, power hungry Pluto is changing direction and moving ahead. Rumblings beneath the surface (especially in relationships) will begin to make their way to into the open and it will be time to act. If there are circumstances that keep you stuck … unable to access the vast possibilities for your life … pay close attention. Pluto is a planet of extremes. This change in direction sends a message. If we trust the symbols and cooperate with these cycles, old, worn out aspects of ourselves will be brought up for releasing. This is your opportunity for real peace.

“Going between opposites” is a technique used in yoga and meditation to create a bridge between the body and the mind. You can try this during a short meditation. Sit in a chair in a comfortable position with your spine long and both feet on the floor, hands on your knees or resting in your lap. Close your eyes and breathe naturally. Once you have settled in and begun to quiet your mind, sense where in the body you feel most relaxed. Then, after sitting with that for a minute or two, notice where in the body you feel the exact opposite. Where do you feel stressed? Go back and forth between the two places a few times and then see if you can feel relaxed — and stressed — at the same time! Feeling opposites at the same time is impossible for the mind to do and in this powerful practice the opposites neutralize each other. Try this practice with other pairs of opposites. Adventurous and afraid. Invigorated and panicky. Confident and confused. Going back and forth like this helps us to learn about the opposite feeling rather than just sitting with the one we are experiencing at present. The opposite starts to “unstick” and free the other and eventually the real law of opposites begins to become apparent. We are neither. Like the Yin Yang symbol … the black eventually turns into white and white to black. This simple and powerful practice is a great way to learn about the Libran need to move away from extremes of any kind towards a place of balance.

I will be moving toward a place of balance by taking a long anticipated trip to Scotland! Have been working hard the last few years juggling yoga and astrology with my graphic design business. This journey includes yoga and meditation at sacred sites on the Isle of Mull and Iona off the coast of Scotland and I look forward to being nourished on many levels! My yoga classes are all covered and I hope you will join these wonderful teachers for practice while I am away. I will be available for astrology consultations the week of October 6th. Appointments can always be made online – even when I am gone! twinkmckenney.com

Namaste. Twink

Yoga Classes

Edmond Town Hall, Lower Meeting Room, Newtown CT
5:30 pm – 6:30 pm
$10 drop in

Kneading Hands, Southbury CT
5:30 pm – 6:30 pm

Kneading Hands, Southbury CT
9:00 am – 10:30 am

Practical Magic

Practical Magic

Full Moon, Monday September 8th, 9:38 pm EDT

As we approach Monday’s full moon (9:38 pm EDT) remember that prana (life force) flows where attention goes. Under this Harvest moon your disciplined efforts (harness the Sun and Venus in Virgo) lead you onto a magical pathway (moon in dreamy Pisces sitting with Neptune) where your vision begins to take form. Let yourself imagine “what could be” with just a tad more focus and a little more leg work. The minor planet Chiron is also part of this celestial picture. Chiron was a master teacher, mentor, astrologer and a gifted healer. If you are blessed with Chironic teachers at this time, offer gratitude. If you could use additional support in this area, ask for that too. Full moons are a time of clarity. A time to take action towards the things we want, and then in the days that follow — to let go. Allow the things you are inviting into your life to move toward you.

Support this creative visioning with two simple yoga poses. Draw in practical earth (Virgo) energy in crocodile pose. (Lie face down on the floor and stack one forearm on top of the other with hands resting on the elbows. Place your forehead down on the shelf created by your forearms and let your legs open wide with toes pointing out.) Begin to deepen your breath and imagine flooding the pelvic floor with prana on your inhale. On exhale, lightly draw the pelvic floor up – front, sides and back. Continue this simple breathwork as you bring energy and awareness to the area of the first chakra – the energetic center responsible for helping us develop stability, calmness and a sense of being supported. This is a start towards working with this complex energy center and will enhance focus and a sense of groundedness. Continue holding this posture and breathing deeply for a minute or two and then roll onto your back. Work next with the water element (Pisces) by drawing the knees into the chest and giving yourself a big hug. You will massage all of the fluid-filled organs in the belly and give them a gentle squeeze. Then, let your arms fall out to the side in a T-shape and allow the bent knees to come down to the right side. Once they arrive at the floor – turn your head in the direction of your left fingertips. Lift up the left shoulder up and move it out a bit as you relax your right shoulder. Imagine you are activating the flowing water element we associate with the pelvis. Repeat on the left side.

Complete the practice by resting on your back in shavasana pose for a few minutes. Return to your day grounded and steady as you flow gracefully toward “what could be.”

Astro Yoga Schedule

We are back in Newtown this week!

  • Monday evenings from 5:30 pm – 6:30 pm at the Edmond Town Hall, Lower Meeting Room.  A mixed level gentle flow. $10 drop in. Bring your mat and a friend!
  • Tuesdays at Kneading Hands in Southbury 5:30 pm – 6:30
  • Sundays morning at Kneading Hands in Southbury 9:00 am – 10:30 am

And … I am excited to share my new website with you! Please feel free to share it — would love your feedback.


Namaste. Twink

Fixed Signs

We start the week off with many planets in FIXED signs and build toward a full moon next weekend in FIXED signs. Let’s just say fixed energy is not the most flexible … so, as the masterful energy workers we are … we can endeavor to usethis fixity to hold fast to things that matter. Things you really want to accomplish … and let the rest roll off your back. These patterns are neutral— neither good nor bad— and the signs are simply avenues of expression. Fixed energy is strong and solid. It is also the stuff that divides families and friends over differing political or religious views. Your choice as to how to use it.

Yoga can help us breathe space into stuck places. Wake up the body’s intelligence so that it moves toward healing. Move into the week feeling solid and strong and filled with the Sun’s energy – so potent during the Leo time of year. Look forward to seeing you on the mat.

My new Astro/Yoga website is almost ready to launch! You will be able to schedule an astrological reading online, purchase a personalized Yoga Nidra session and more! Look forward to sharing it with you.

Namaste. Twink

Class tonight in Newtown! We have been moved (temporarily) upstairs to the Alexandria Room!
5:30 pm – 6:30 pm $10 drop in

Tuesday night – Kneading Hands in Southbury
5:30 pm – 6:30 pm (Open Meditation at 5:00 pm – everyone welcome)

Sunday mornings Kneading Hands in Southbury
9:00 am – 10:30 am Special Full Moon Class

Let’s go!

Astrologers associate the planet Mars with forward movement, will, and passion. (They also associate it with war – but let’s focus on the dynamic Martian qualities we can use to propel us forward!) After this LONGwinter and a series of retrograde planetary patterns that may have hindered your getting any traction at all — Mars will reverse direction tonight and begin to move forward. Get out of your own way and let stalled plans move ahead with gusto.

Join me on the mat this week and …

Go confidently in the direction of your dreams! Live the life you’ve imagined. As you simplify your life, the laws of the universe will be simpler. – Henry David Thoreau

Waiting on Mars

Pluto, Uranus, Jupiter and Mars are aligned in a incredibly agitated pattern — screaming for change — yet some things hold fast. Fact is, Mars (a planet we can count on for forward momentum) is moving backwards! This phenomenon called “retrograde” can stall plans to birth new situations. Until May 20th, we’ll have to contend with this. Keep in mind that lots wants to happen, and it will. The pivot of Mars may be all that is needed. If we approach every planetary pattern with an eagerness to learn its lesson, recognize that indeed, this is a time for initiation. A time to develop courage and the determination to shape your own life. Try this simple breath to help with the creative push. As you sit quietly with spine straight and chin tucked slightly, place both bare feet squarely on the floor and let your hands rest on your knees with palms facing up. Take a deep nourishing inhale. Imagine that this inhale stirs up the things that need to go and your strong, complete exhale carries them away. This simple imagery will help as you gather momentum in these new two weeks.