yoga_classThe ancient Sanskrit words Hatha Yoga are layered with meaning. Hatha can be translated as “ha” meaning “sun” and “tha” meaning “moon” and “journey” or “path” for the word “yoga.” It is in this spirit that Twink weaves her astrological work into the teaching of yoga for groups and individuals. The physical practices of yoga were designed to skillfully move us toward higher states of consciousness. We let go of mental chatter  and access a vast inner landscape — one that could easily go untapped. We quiet the senses and turn the gaze inward — planting and tending the seeds of transformation. We access Alpha and the deeper Theta brain wave states and tap into inspiration and insight as well as a deep feeling of connection with Source. In these states we consciously create our reality – keenly aware of our chart as a map for an evolutionary journey.

The yoga mat becomes a sacred space. A place to balance, heal and grow.

Yoga Nidra is means yogic sleep. Based on ancient Tantric practices, it is a practice that is accessible for everyone – regardless of age or physical abilities.This systematic method of complete relaxation for the physical body as well as the deeper emotional and mental systems takes us to the place between sleeping and wakefulness  — a place where we are open and receptive. We let go of the thinking mind and allow our “sankalpas” or positive intentions  — the things we want more of in our lives — to enter the mind and take root at the core of our being.

Twink teaches yoga classes and workshops in Southbury, CT and the surrounding area and is available for private/semi-private yoga instruction.