twink mckenney astrologyThat first reading opened the doorway and Twink soon began a formal study of astrology. She took her first yoga class around the same time and now has a full Saturn cycle (29 years) of immersion in both of these ancient bodies of wisdom. Today, she weaves them together in astrological consultations and yoga classes/retreats that are aligned and informed by plantary patterns.

Twink’s astrological consultations (done in-person and by phone) are built around an evolutionary model. Her belief is that we alone are responsible for our charts and the lessons contained within them. They are a snapshot of our soul’s intention – mapped out by us before birth – with specific talents and gifts as well as areas where challenge and karma can be readily seen. A consultation with her stirs memories at a deep soul level and clients come away with the awareness that their current situation is part of a highly choreographed pattern designed to move them along an individual evolutionary path. The chart contains an enormous amount of information (in a highly synthesized format) — enough to last a lifetime! Every symbol, every pattern has a multitude of potential expressions. By exploring your chart and coming to it for guidance, you begin to have an understanding that there are a myriad of ways to express these patterns – some more satisfying than others. This growing awareness supports us as we step with confidence onto the path of our dharma and take a conscious involvement in the unfolding of our lives.

And this is where the yoga comes in. The yoga tradition speaks of a role that each one of us has. When we fulfill this role, the whole of humanity is lifted, as if we were all part of an invisible web. In order to progress, we must fulfill this mission — our dharma — and the astrological chart supports us every step of the way. When we come to the yoga mat, we carve out time to relax and strengthen the body and just as importantly quiet the mind. From this still place, the yoga practice ushers us into a state of expansiveness and we see our lives from a broad perspective, from a place of possibility. We honor ourselves as works in progress and plant the seeds of future development.

Original and creative with a Sagittarian outlook that is optimistic and wise, Twink is an excellent guide who will skillfully lead you on a journey through your astrological map with an understanding that we have the option to grow and to change. We can find our way onto our unique Sun-Moon Path … using the chart as a trusted guide.

Training & Professional Affiliations

  • Vice President, NCGR, Fairfield CT Chapter 1990-2002
  • Planned the program of speakers and brought top astrologers to CT for lectures and workshops
  • Board Member, The Organization for Professional Astrology 2004-2013
  • Editor, The Career Astrologer
  • Yoga Teacher, Completed 500-hour training in the tradition of Para Yoga
  • Ayurvedic Yoga Specialist, Himalayan Institute
  • Certified Hypnotist
  • Certified Yoga Nidra Teacher